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Herd 2.0 -- The Livejournal Community

or, LOOK GUYS!!!!!1 WE ARE ON TEH INTRENET!!!!1!!11111

the id parade
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Herd 2.0 -- The Livejournal Community
or, LOOK GUYS!!!!!1 WE ARE ON TEH INTRENET!!!!1!!11111

This is how it goes: we may be too retarded to show up at one location, at the same time, on the right day but anyone who says they don't use Livejournal is just being stinky.

If you are offended because you find yourself undeniably stinky by definition, please email me and I will help you set up a Livejournal account. PS it's free.

1. Who can join? How do we decide who is a member of the Herd?
That, grasshopper, would require a leader or a governing body, or at least a committee meeting, several bags of Cheesy Poofs and a fog machine. Considering the basic dementia & severe confrontation- and conflict-avoidance issues of your average Herd member, that will never, ever happen. If you want to join, goddamn join & everyone can shove it. It's Invite-Yourself-Only, I guess. It's not like we had any sort of structure to start out with.

In that same vein, please remember: everybody needs a little loooove *squish*

2. Is the Herd dead?
Crazy talk!
Actually, the crazy talk went something like this:

mers: maybe we just need to evolve. you know,
the Herd 2.0.
ajosh: ALL IS DO0oOM!!!!!!!!!!!!11111!!!!!!1!1!!!!!1!1111111
mers: uh, yeah.

3. Why make a Herd Livejournal Community?
Basically, whatever we did the first time.... broke. It doesn't work anymore. I, for one, blame Josh. It has been agreed that Everyone is Too Tired, Too Busy, Too Drunk, Too Far Away, or Too Not Talking To So&So to act like they give a damn anymore. We also agree that this is Unacceptable. So we're going to figure out how to fix it.

By 'we', I mean 'you'. That part is kind of crucial. Please feel free to rear your scary little head & act alive.

4. What about the History? The collection of resources?
I'm working on that.

5. If a tree falls on the Herd in the forest, does it make a sound?
Yes. It makes a sound quite like "mrrrrrmph!" In fact, it makes this sound whether or not you are around to hear it. This has never been proven to be true.

1. Shakespeare
2. the blues.
3. Bubble Gum.
4. 8 months
5. C
6. It protrudes.
7. No vocal cords